December 9 (Day343 of 365)

For people with a mathematics phobia, this is a nightmare vision.


(Camera+, Snapseed, iColorama S, iWatermark)


2 thoughts on “December 9 (Day343 of 365)

    • Hello Nick — I’m more than happy to share how I made this image (although given that this project is all about shooting and editing on the iPhone, all of the heavy lifting was done by apps.) 🙂

      I first shot the image of a Sudoko game in the local newspaper using Camera+. From there, I brought the image into Snapseed and adjusted brightness, contrast and the like (which I do with almost all images in this project.) I also added a slight color tint to relieve it from the pure black and white of the newspaper. After that I step I imported the image into the iColorama S app, which is great for applying artistic effects. I didn’t know exactly what look I wanted for this image so I tried a number of different effects. In the end I liked the effect given by the 6/10 preset in the “Escher” group. I played around with this effect’s settings a bit to get the final look and then added a border using the same app. I then sent the finalized image across to the iWatermark app to add my copyright, and viola! All done and ready for uploading to the blog 🙂

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