July 10 (Day 191 of 365)

Today I was out of the office and had a brush with manual labor.

(I was a member of a painting team on a work volunteering project.)

iphone project 365, paintbrush

(Camera+, Snapseed, Enlight, iWatermark)


2 thoughts on “July 10 (Day 191 of 365)

  1. Hey I really like your stuff I really find the one a day aspect for a year refreshing and for an iPhone these photos are great! Nice blog. I’m going to follow you as I am interested in seeing what is to come, would you mind checking my blog out too? Thank you – Thoth


    • Thank you so much Thoth!! There is a certain amount of pressure that comes from knowing that you have to find something photo-worthy every single day, but it’s a rewarding endeavour. And yes, I will certainly check out your blog too. Thanks for stopping by!

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