June 17 (Day 168 of 365)

“Ground Control to Major Tom
Your circuit’s dead,
there’s something wrong
Can you hear me, Major Tom?”  – David Bowie

(In case you’re wondering, the “space junk” is the empty tray from a packet of pellet chewing gum.)

iphone project 365, mobile photography, space junk

(Camera+, PictureShow, iWatermark)


4 thoughts on “June 17 (Day 168 of 365)

  1. This image really puzzled me! Did you ever consider getting yourself a macro-lens? Thanks for following my blog with greetings from Munich, Germany. Best, Alex.


    • Thanks again Alex — discovering your blog was a GREAT find. As for the macro lens, I’ve thought about getting a Olloclip lens, but having to take the phone in-and-out of its case to use it seems like a pain. No doubt I could have some fun with it though. Keep up the good work in Munich. Schöne grüße!

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      • Thank you, Matt! Likewise! I love your approach to photography! Forget the Olloclip and anything you can attach to an iPhone. Handling is worrisome and doesn’t work at all if you have anything protective around, like a glass shield on the display, a bumper, things like that. Besides, the quality of these lenses, though made of glass, can’t compare to a real macro or wide angle professional lens.

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